bronies on why it’s ok to use a disabled kid’s oc who got it in the show through make-a-wish foundation and asked for porn to not be fucking drawn of it in porn

most of these comments have way more thumbs ups than comments saying that it isn’t very cool to draw porn of stellar eclipse, to the point where users who think it’s morally questionable generally get bashed by other bronies. fucking amazing

Okay, there is something wrong with our society when imaginary “rules” of the internet triumph over common decency and respect for someone on their death bed.

Hey, yoohoo!

You might want to check his mother’s Twitter account.  She pretty much just ended this entire dramafest you keep trying to force everywhere.

Also, Sylvain is not at all bothered by the artwork that, by the way, was a whopping TWO PIECES OF ARTWORK BY A SINGLE ARTIST - an artist who was also NOT aware that the character was someone’s OC when they drew them.

But hey - way to fail spectacularly for the second time in a single day.

Now, would you mind actually being respectful of this family?  Because continuing on like you are is extremely disrespectful to both Sylvain, and his mother.

so like, tumblr uh? where activists will use someone’s disability to excuse themselves.
i’m glad this kind of activism is almost impossible to perform in the real world.

people are defending????? jaime????? whaaaattttt


okay let’s face it I wouldn’t survive one day without ereri

Now, that’s ice.

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sometimes you remember her.


it’s 2014 can we stop pretending that levi is a suave motherfucker



Apparently there is some truth to the story, but the incident was never reported. Still seems fishy, but nonetheless be wary because things like this DO happen.

Can I point something out? Everyone is saying “OH BUT A BRONY DID DIS”
Will they not realize that its not the brony fandom making them an asshole? But rather, they were assholes before the brony fandom? You don’t suddenly feel attracted to children after you watch the show. If this is true, it has nothing to do with the fact that he’s a brony.
People just want to pin more bad on this fandom.


i don’t draw fluttershy enough


when your fri ends say that their art isnt goo d


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There’s some errors but this was a ‘good job for doing your homework here is your reward’ for my wife. Sorry not sorry



Pray for her Mercy… Long Live the Queen!

Seperate fanarts here : [ x ]

Wow I’m really happy I found a software I can use that produces really good GIFs since I don’t have photoshop and Corel Painter sucks when it comes to making gifs OTL but yeah Queen Historia aka badass Queen of Mercy


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